family picHey everyone, my name is Scott. I’m in my late 30’s now, proving it’s never too late to try something new. I’ve got a beautiful wife and 3 awesome kids that keep me on my toes. I’m a pretty active person these days. I stay busy with running, cycling, jiu-jitsu, softball, and I even completed a triathlon recently. I sure haven’t always been this way though. A relatively short time ago, I weighed over 400 pounds! I also had some pretty major health issues including diabetes and hypertension. A while back, while sitting on my couch wondering what in the world had happened to my health, I had this great idea. I decided I need to lose about half of my total body weight. Nothing else to do on a Tuesday night right? I thought it might be challenging enough that I’d like to chronicle it. I’ve spent a little over 18 months losing over 200 pounds, and trying to stop and reflect on it every so often so that others can get an idea of what is going on and what they might be able to expect. I welcome you to follow me and maybe even start your own journey to a better life. I’ve got links to some pretty cool weight loss tools and sites that I use that I’m sure can help you along the way as well. So please, have a look around and feel free to add me on FacebookInstagram, and even Twitter for all the updates!